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Agile Rabbit Address

24 Brixton Village Market, London, SW98PR

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Sample Menu for Agile Rabbit London

Most popular

Margherita Pizza £7.50 Pepperoni Pizza £9.00 Mixed Vegetable Pizza A selection of fresh vegetables – mushrooms, spinach, olives, courgette, aubergine and pesto £9.50 Ham & Mushroom Pizza Italian ham and chestnut mushrooms £9.50 Ham, Mushroom & Olive Pizza £10.00

Small Plates

Mixed Salad Rocket, cherry tomato, red onion, buffalo mozzarella £4.00 Garlic & Rosemary Bread £4.00

Calzone – 12 “

Ham & Mushroom Calzone £10.00 Mixed Vegetables Calzone £10.00 Pepperoni, Goat’s Cheese & Red Pepper Calzone £10.00 Pepperoni, Ricotta & Nutmeg Calzone £10.00 Ham, Mushroom, Ricotta & Pesto Calzone £10.00 Tuna, Chilli & Capers Calzone £10.00 Ham, Olive & Dolce Latte Calzone £10.50 Mixed Veg, Anchovies & Goat’s Cheese Calzone £10.50

Crispy Sourdough Pizza

Marinara Pizza Tomato sauce, garlic, basil & oregano (without cheese) £7.00 Margherita Pizza £7.50 Mushroom Pizza £8.50 Courgette Pizza £8.50 Olive Pizza £8.50 Anchovy Marinara Pizza Tomato sauce, anchovie, garlic & olives (without cheese) £8.50 Pepperoni Pizza £9.00 Ham Pizza £9.00 Tuna Pizza £9.00 Spinach & Ricotta Pizza £9.00 Florentina Pizza Spinach & Egg £9.00 Mixed Vegetable Pizza A selection of fresh vegetables – mushrooms, spinach, olives, courgette, aubergine and pesto £9.50 Ham & Mushroom Pizza Italian ham and chestnut mushrooms £9.50 Anchovies, Olives & Capers Pizza £9.50 Scamorza, Cherry Tomato & Oregano Pizza £9.50 Ham, Mushroom & Olive Pizza £10.00 Tuna, Artichoke, Chilli & Capers Pizza £10.00 Anchovies, Olives, Capers & Aubergine Pizza £10.00 White Pizza Sunrise Mozzarella, cherry tomato, red onion, mushroom, goat’s cheese & pesto (no tomato sauce) £10.00 4 Seasons Pizza Mushroom, olive, artichoke & ham £10.00 Ham & Dolce Latte Pizza £10.00 5 Cheese Pizza Mozzarella, dolce latte, scamorza, ricotta & goat’s cheese £12.00 Parma Ham & Dolce Latte Pizza Parma Ham and smoked cheese pizza £12.00 Parma Ham, Rocket & Parmesan Pizza £12.00 El Dorado Pizza Mozzarella, potato, red onion, dolce latte & parma ham £12.00 Ham & Artichoke £9.50


Coca-Cola £1.50 Diet Coke £1.50 Mineral Water £1.50 Sparkling water £1.50 San Pellegrino Orange £2.20 San Pellegrino Lemon £2.20

  • All dishes may contain traces of the following allergens: Wheat; Gluten; Peanuts; Nuts; Sesame Seeds; Celery; Soybeans; Milk; Eggs; Mustard; Lupin; Pork; Mollusc; Crustaceans; Fish; Sulphur Dioxide or Alcohol. Please note that if you are pregnant you may need to take caution when consuming any of the above dishes. For any questions regarding the allergen contents of specific dishes please contact the restaurant directly.
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    Agile Rabbit London Telephone Number

    Unfortunately we do not hold the telephone number for Agile Rabbit, please use the “view menu” button at the top of this page to order online instead.