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Ba Shoh Address

42 Broadway, Peterborough, PE11RS

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Sample Menu for Peterborough

Most popular

Mixed Starter (For Two To Share) Chicken satay, fish cake, vegetable spring roll, prawn toast and Bangkok chicken. – £6.45 Thai Stir Fried (Padking) Stir fried with ginger, mushrooms, onions, peppers and spring onions. – £7.95 Chilly Paneer Cheese tossed with onions, capsicums, green chillies, herbs and spices. Served with pear chutney. – £9.95 Korma Cooked in a mild sauce, made from almond, Coconut powder and cream. – £7.95 Tikka Masala Sauce Made with yogurt, cream almond & coconut powder with ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes, with a sprinkling of coriander. A popular North Indian dish cooked with rich spiced and mellowed with fresh cream butter to make this luxuriously mild sauce with cashew nuts and almonds. – £7.95


Thai – Prawn Crackers – £2.95 Chinese – Prawn Crackers – £2.95 Indian – Poppadum – £2.95 Mexican – Tortilla chips – £2.95

Thai Starters

Vegetable Spring Roll Mixed vegetable filled in a filo pastry and served with sweet chilli sauce. – £4.45 Chicken Satay Grilled skewers of chicken served with peanut-butter sauce. – £4.45 Thai Fish Cake Mashed fish with red curry paste and Thai herbs, deep fried, served with sweet chilli sauce. – £4.45 Prawn Tempura Deep fried prawns in light batter and served with sweet chilli sauce. – £4.45 Bangkok Chicken Small diced chicken marinated with eggs, corn flour, Thai spice and butter deep fried. – £4.45 Thai Calamari Squid, marinated with Thai herbs and deep fried served with sweet chilli sauce. – £4.45 Chicken Dumplings (Dim-Sum) Dumplings made of chicken, water chestnuts topped with garlic and soya sauce. – £4.45 Steam Mushroom with Peanut Sauce Ground peanuts, turmeric powder mix with hoisin sauce. – £4.45 Mixed Starter (For Two To Share) Chicken satay, fish cake, vegetable spring roll, prawn toast and Bangkok chicken. – £6.45 Tom Yum Soup With mushroom, flavoured with lemon-grass, chilli, galanga, lime leaves, fish sauce and lemon juice spicy, hot and sour. – £4.45 Tom Kha Soup Coconut soup with mushroom, flavoured with lemon-grass, galanga, lime leaves; fish sauce and lemon juice. – £4.45

Thai Mains

Red Curry With coconut milk, flavoured with aubergine, lime leaves, bamboo shoots and sweet basil leaves. – £7.95 Green Curry (Gang-Kiew-Wan) Famous green curry with coconut milk, flavoured with aubergine, lime leaves, bamboo shoots and sweet basil leaves. – £7.95 Peanut Curry (Praram-Rongsong) Thai curry with coconut milk in a creamy peanut & coconut sauce. – £7.95 Mussman Curry With coconut milk and potatoes, topped with fried shallots and cashew nuts. – £7.95 Panang Curry A traditional Thai curry with lime leaves and Panang Curry paste, coconut milk and a touch of cream. – £5.95 Jungle Curry (Gang-Pha) Jungle style curry, clear curry (no coconut milk) with vegetable & Thai herbs chilli. – £7.95 Sweet and Sour (Pad Priaw Wan) Sweet and sour stir fried with vegetables onions & pineapple in sweet and sour sauce. – £7.95 Thai Stir Fried (Padking) Stir fried with ginger, mushrooms, onions, peppers and spring onions. – £7.95 Oyster Sauce Stir Fried With homemade Oyster sauce made with chefs special ingredients. – £7.95 Garlic (Katiam) Stir Fried Sauce With peppers, bamboo shoots onions, spring onions. With chefs special katiam sauce garlic & coriander. – £7.95 Chilli Padka Paw Stir fried with bamboo shoots, onions, fresh beans and peppers, flavoured with fresh chilli and basil leaves. – £7.95 Pad Thai Noodles Thai famous stir fried noodles with eggs, bean sprouts, Spring onions & tamarind sauce. – £7.95 Pad Med Mamuang with Cashew Nuts Stir fried chicken with onion, mushroom, green and red peppers, flavoured roasted cashew nuts, roasted dried chilli and pineapple. – £7.95

Thai Side Dishes

Mix Vegetable Seasonal mixed vegetables in homemade oyster sauce. – £4.45 Stir Fried Mushroom Fresh chopped garlic, onion, peppers, spring onion cooked with soy sauce. – £4.45 Pad Pak Choy Fresh chopped garlic,Thai mix herbs cooked with soy sauce. – £4.45 Broccoli with Oyster Sauce Stir-fried in chef homemade sauce. – £4.45

Thai Rices

Steamed Boil Rice – £4.00 Coconut Rice – £4.25 Egg Fried Rice – £4.00 Chicken Fried Rice – £4.25 Prawn Fried Rice – £4.45 Duck Fried Rice – £4.45 Lemon Rice – £4.00 Sticky Rice – £4.00 Jasmine Rice – £4.00 Vegetables Fried Rice – £4.00

Thai Noodles

Egg Fried Noodles – £5.45 Chicken Fried Noodles – £5.45 Prawn Fried Noodles – £6.45 King Prawn Noodles – £6.45 Duck Fried Noodles – £6.45 Beef Fried Noodles – £5.45 Vegetables Noodles – £5.45

Thai Salads

Chicken Labgai Salad Finely minced chicken seasoned with lemon juice and fish sauce, mixed with herbs, dried chilli and ground rice powder. – £6.45 Somtom Salad Spicy green papaya salad mixed with lemon juice, fish sauce, garlic, fresh chilli and peanuts. – £5.45 Yum Nuea (Beef Salad) Spicy beef salad with lemon juice, fish sauce garlic and fresh chilli. – £6.45

Chinese Starters

Vegetable Spring Rolls – £4.45 Fried Chicken Balls – £5.00 Crispy Tiger Prawn – £5.00 Deep-Fried Crab Claw – £5.00 Tasty Deep Fried chicken Wings – £4.45 Crispy Chilli Beef – £5.00 Salt and Pepper Chicken – £4.45 Salt and Pepper Squid – £4.45 Salt and Pepper Prawn – £5.45 Salt and Pepper Beef – £4.45 Crispy Prawn Toast Prawns mashed with the Chinese herbs, topped with sesame seeds, deep fried and served with sweet chilli sauce. – £4.45 Butter Fried Prawn – £5.45 Butter Fried Chicken – £4.45

Chinese Soups

Chicken Sweet Corn Soup – £4.45 Chicken Hot and Sour Soup – £4.45 Chicken Noodles Soup Vegetables – £4.45 Prawn Noodles Soup Vegetables – £5.45 Vegetables Noodles Soup – £4.45

Chinese Mains

Szechuan Hot spicy chilli sauce, dried roasted chilli, Cashew nut, Spring onion and Chinese herbs. – £7.95 Chinese Black Bean Sauce Roasted black beans cooked with Chinese home made sauce, with pepper, onion and spring onion. – £7.95 Ginger Spring Onion Chopped garlic, ginger, spring onions, peppers, cooked with Chinese sauce. – £7.95 Black Pepper Sauce Wok fried with capsicum, onion and crushed black pepper corns with sesame oil. – £7.95 Chinese Water Chestnut Cooked with water chestnut, onion, peppers, spring onion, sesame oil and chefs special sauce. – £7.95 Sweet and Sour Chef own ingredients, peppers, onions, pineapple, and spring onion. – £7.95 Chinese Chow Mein Chinese noodles cooked with bean sprouts, spring onion, cabbage and Chinese Chow Mein sauce. – £7.95 Chinese Singapore Rice Noodles Rice noodles cooked with eggs & spices with bean sprouts, carrots and spring onion. – £7.95

  • All dishes may contain traces of the following allergens: Wheat; Gluten; Peanuts; Nuts; Sesame Seeds; Celery; Soybeans; Milk; Eggs; Mustard; Lupin; Pork; Mollusc; Crustaceans; Fish; Sulphur Dioxide or Alcohol. Please note that if you are pregnant you may need to take caution when consuming any of the above dishes. For any questions regarding the allergen contents of specific dishes please contact the restaurant directly.
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