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Chi Kitchen Address

Level 3 Debenhams, Upper Mall West, Bullring, Birmingham, Birmingham, B54BL

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Sample Menu for Chi Kitchen Birmingham

Most popular

California Crab Roll £8.50 Dragon Prawn Tempura Roll £9.50 Salt and Pepper Baby Squid Deep-fried baby squid, dusted in sea salt and cracked pepper served with sweet chilli sauce £6.25 Popcorn Shrimp Deep-fried tempura shrimp served with wasabi mayonnaise £6.75 Pad Thai – Chicken Thai rice noodles stir-fried with chicken, Chinese chives, crushed peanuts, bean curd and bean sprouts in a special homemade tamarind sauce £12.95

Sharing Platters Œ¡Ž£Ù¾Ü_Ý÷

Mixed Maki Starter Platter (For 2 People) ŒøÀŒüŒá¾Ü_Ý÷ (2Š¼¼ŠÈ_) 4 pieces each of California roll, prawn tempura roll, spicy tuna roll / salmon and tuna sashimi (3 pieces each) £32.95 Fried Starter Platter (For 2 People) ŽÉ´âüŒ¡Ž£Ù¾Ü_Ý÷•_ö2Š¼¼ŠÈ_•_ä Popcorn shrimp, smoked chicken, 2 duck spring rolls and 2 prawn spring rolls £22.50 Grilled Starter Platter (For 2 People) ¢_Ä_Œ¡Ž£Ù¾Ü_Ý÷•_ö2Š¼¼ŠÈ_•_ä 2 beef kushiyaki, 2 chicken yakitori and 2 chicken satay £22.50

Express Set Menus (For 1 Person) Œ¥ Œ_ÁŒÀǾáŒ´ÑŽ_•_ö1Š¼¼ŠÈ_•_ä

Set 1 Starter: Popcorn shrimp ª_±__± Main: Dim sum platter (2 prawn dumplings, 1 prawn and chive dumpling, 2 mixed seafood dumpling and 1 chicken prawn siu mai) â_ŒÀľÜ_Ý÷ Drink: Jasmine flower green tea Îä_ä_±ÈÀÎ¦ £20.50 Set 2 Starter: Wonton soup ŽüÁâäŽ_Ϗª_Ž_㎴¬¾±_ Main: Stir fried Sichuan beef with steamed jasmine rice Ž_ªã äݏâäŠüŽÉ¾_¡ŒÝ_Ž_ª±_Ž´_ Drink: Jasmine green tea Îä_ä_±ÈÀÎ¦ £21.50 Set 3 Starter: Sesame prawn spring rolls _Ž¼Èª_¾÷´Œá Main: Thai green chicken curry with steamed jasmine rice ¾_¡Œ_ÈÀŒÕЌбŽüÁŽÉ¾_¡ŒÝ_Ž_ª±_Ž´_ Drink: Jasmine green tea Îä_ä_±ÈÀÎ¦ £21.50


Chicken Tom Yum Soup Œ ÂŽ÷«Œ_Ù¾±_ ŽüÁâä £6.50 Prawn Tom Yum Soup Œ ÂŽ÷«Œ_Ù¾±_ Ž_Ϗª_ £7.50 Chicken and Prawn Wonton Soup ŽüÁâäŽ_Ϗª_Ž_㎴¬¾±_ £6.50

Salads ¾_ª¾Ü䍱È

Seaweed Salad ¾µáŒü_¾_ª¾Üä Wakame seaweed, sesame seeds and chilli £5.95 Duck and Watermelon Salad Ž_ªŽÉ´Žü_Ž_ύÒϾ_ª¾Üä Aromatic crispy duck with watermelon, cashew nuts and Thai herbs £9.25

Dim Sum â_ŒÀč±È

Prawn Dumplings ª_Ž´¼ £6.95 Prawn and Chive Dumplings Ž_Ϗª_ŽÙ_ÏŽ´¼ £6.95 Mixed Seafood Dumplings ŠÈێÓ_¾µáŽ_ώ´¼ £7.50 Chicken and Prawn Siu Mai Dumplings ŽüÁâäŽ_Ϗª_Ä¤ŒÐ £7.25

Sushi Rolls ŒøÀŒüŒá

California Crab Roll Œ_ʌá_Œá £9.95 Salmon Maki Šüä¾ÐàŽ±_ŒøÀŒüŒá £8.75 Spicy Tuna _£Œ_¾ÜÀŽ±_ŒøÀŒüŒá £8.95 Spider Soft-Shell Crab Roll _øŒ£_Ù_ŒøÀŒüŒá £9.95 Vegetable Roll «ÊŒøÀŒüŒá £7.25 Chi Kitchen Roll ¾ÜݍäΌøÀŒüŒá £10.50 Dragon Prawn Tempura Roll Œ_¤ª_Œ_©Œ_à_ьøÀŒüŒá £9.95

Sashimi Œö¼¼Ç

Salmon Sashimi Šüä¾ÐàŽ±_ Œö¼¼Ç £4.95 Tuna Sashimi Œ_¾ÜÀŽ±_ Œö¼¼Ç £5.75 Sweet Prawn Sashimi ÓϏª_ Œö¼¼Ç £5.50

Nigiri Œö¼¼ÇŒøÀŒü

Salmon Nigiri Šüä¾ÐàŽ±_ Œö¼¼ÇŒøÀŒü £4.95 Tuna Nigiri Œ_¾ÜÀŽ±_ Œö¼¼ÇŒøÀŒü £5.75 Sweet Prawn Nigiri ÓϏª_ Œö¼¼ÇŒøÀŒü £5.50

Small Plates Œ¡Ž£Ù±È

Salt and Pepper Baby Squid Ž_ύâü¾_ՍݐŒ¡Ž±ÀŽ±_ Deep-fried baby squid, dusted in sea salt and cracked pepper served with sweet chilli £7.95 Popcorn Shrimp ª_±__± Deep-fried tempura shrimp served with wasabi mayonnaise £8.50 Aromatic Duck Spring Rolls Ž_ªŽÉ´Žü_¾÷´Œá Aromatic crispy duck and cucumber spring rolls served with hoi sin sauce £6.95 Sesame Prawn Spring Rolls _Ž¼Èª_¾÷´Œá Sesame coated prawn spring rolls served with sweet chilli sauce £6.95 Soft-Shell Crab Tempura _øŒ£_Ù_ Œ_©Œ_à_Ñ Served with spicy truffle mayonnaise and orange ponzu £9.95 Prawn Tempura Ž_Ϗª_ Œ_©Œ_à_Ñ Served with spicy truffle mayonnaise and orange ponzu £8.95 Smoked Chicken _£ŒÔ_Äٍ ŽüÁ Smoked chicken with chopped chilli and salt £7.95 Chilli Prawn _£ŒÔ_Ž_ªŽÉ´ª_ Battered prawn served with chilli lime and coriander sauce £7.50

Small Plates – Robata BBQ Ä¤Ä_±ÈŒ¡Ž£Ù

Beef Kushiyaki ŒÕ΍ä݊ü_Ä¤ Tender cubes of beef skewered and marinated in sweet soy sauce £9.95 Chicken Yakitori ŽüÁâäŠü_Ä¤ Succulent pieces of chicken skewered and marinated in sweet soy sauce £7.50 Grilled Tiger Prawns ¢_Ä_Ûª_ª_ Served with chilli lime and coriander sauce £10.50 Chicken Satay ŽüÁâä¾_ªö_Šü_ Succulent pieces of chicken skewered and marinated in lemongrass and coriander served with peanut sauce £7.50 Char Siu Lamb Ribs ŒäÄ¤¢_Ä___¾_Õ Lamb ribs marinated in Chinese char siu sauce £12.50 Chicken Wings ¢_Ä_ŽüÁÀÉ Five grilled juicy chicken wings marinated in a Korean BBQ sauce £8.50

  • All dishes may contain traces of the following allergens: Wheat; Gluten; Peanuts; Nuts; Sesame Seeds; Celery; Soybeans; Milk; Eggs; Mustard; Lupin; Pork; Mollusc; Crustaceans; Fish; Sulphur Dioxide or Alcohol. Please note that if you are pregnant you may need to take caution when consuming any of the above dishes. For any questions regarding the allergen contents of specific dishes please contact the restaurant directly.
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    Chi Kitchen Birmingham Telephone Number

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