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Clapham Tandoori Address

10 Clapham Common South Side, Clapham South London SW4 7AA

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Clapham Tandoori Reviews

This restaurant currently has a score of 4.2 based on 2173 ratings.

Opening Hours

The opening hours we hold for Clapham Tandoori are 16:05 – 00:00 today. But please check by viewing the menu where you’ll get an accurate opening time.

Special Offers

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Sample Menu for Clapham Tandoori in Clapham South

  • onion bhaji £3.95
  • vegetable samosa £3.75
  • minced meat samosa £3.75
  • chicken tikka lassoni £3.95
  • lamb tikka lassoni £3.95
  • seekh kebab £4.25
  • shami kebab £4.25
  • golda chingri special giant bay of bengal prawns cooked in house own special sauce £5.50
  • garlic golda chingri skewered king prawns cooked in the tandoori with a garlic flavour £5.25
  • toka tuk aloo potato cooked with tamarind and served with yoghurt sauce £4.25
  • sharabi memna cubes of lamb with onion and tomato masala, finished with red wine £4.25
  • chicken momo mixed chicken cooked in butter with fresh onion and coriander £4.25
  • paty bola chingri spiced prawns cooked in house own recipe, wrapped in a gram flour pancake £5.50
  • kashi ka pangra (starter) lamb chops cooked in the tandoori £4.95
  • fish tikka (starter) bengal tiger fish cooked in the clay oven £5.25
  • suhana somonder fresh crab in shell cooked in sweet and sour sauce £5.25
  • mussels puri chaat steamed mussels cooked with fresh onions, tomato and coriander, slightly spiced £5.25
  • murgh taka tak chunks of thai chicken with onion and tomato masala £4.25
  • baigan e bahar baked aubergine steaks stuffed with cottage cheese £4.25
  • achari paneer tikka indian cottage cheese marinated in mixed pickle £3.95
  • chicken shashlik served with salad £7.75
  • lamb shashlik served with salad £7.95
  • half tandoori chicken served with salad £6.95
  • chicken tikka served with salad £6.95
  • lamb tikka served with salad £7.50
  • tandoori king prawn served with salad £11.50
  • tandoori mixed grill chicken tikka, lamb tikka, seekh kebab, tandoori chicken, tandoori king prawn, served with naan bread and salad £12.95
  • chicken tikka masala £7.95
  • lamb tikka masala £8.50
  • tandoori king prawn masala £12.50
  • vegetable masala £6.50
  • chicken pasanda cooked with wine £7.95
  • lamb pasanda cooked with wine £8.50
  • prawn pasanda £8.50
  • tandoori butter chicken £7.95
  • tandoori lamb pasanda cooked with wine £7.95
  • vegetable pasanda cooked with wine £6.25
  • special king prawn biryani £13.50
  • special chicken biryani £10.50
  • special lamb biryani £10.95
  • prawn biryani £9.95
  • king prawn biryani £12.50
  • chicken biryani £9.50
  • lamb biryani £9.95
  • egg biryani £6.95
  • vegetable biryani £6.95
  • vegetable balti £6.25
  • the following baltis may be prepared tandoori style for an extra charge chicken balti £7.50
  • lamb balti £7.75
  • prawn balti £7.75
  • king prawn balti £11.95
  • chicken korai £7.50
  • chicken jalfrezi £7.50
  • chicken garlic chilli £7.50
  • chicken korma £7.50
  • chicken curry £6.50
  • chicken madras £6.50
  • chicken vindaloo £6.50
  • chicken phall £6.50
  • lamb korai £7.95
  • lamb jalfrezi £7.95
  • lamb garlic chilli £7.95
  • lamb korma £7.95
  • lamb curry £6.95
  • lamb madras £6.95
  • lamb vindaloo £6.95
  • lamb phall £6.95
  • the following curries may be prepared tandoori style for an extra charge lamb saagwala £7.75
  • lamb pathia £7.75
  • lamb dhansak £7.75
  • lamb rogan £7.75
  • lamb dopiaza £7.75
  • lamb bhuna £7.75
  • chicken saagwala £6.95
  • chicken pathia £6.95
  • chicken dhansak £6.95
  • chicken rogan £6.95
  • chicken dopiaza £6.95
  • chicken bhuna £6.95

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Clapham Tandoori in Clapham South Telephone Number

Unfortunately we do not hold the telephone number for Clapham Tandoori, please use the “view menu” button at the top of this page to order online instead.