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Curry Garden Address

3 The Parade, High Road, Pitsea Basildon SS13 3BA

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Curry Garden Reviews

This restaurant currently has a score of 4.5 based on 206 ratings.

Opening Hours

The opening hours we hold for Curry Garden are 17:00 – 23:00 today. But please check by viewing the menu where you’ll get an accurate opening time.

Special Offers

Curry Garden shows as having the following special offers available on Hungry House currently. Current Deals 10% discount on collection orders * *set meals are excluded from this offer Free bottle of soft drink on orders over £20 * *set meals are excluded from this offer Free onion salad with every order * *set meals are excluded from this offer Free chicken tikka starter on orders over £15 * *set meals are excluded from this offer _ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ _

Sample Menu for Curry Garden in Pitsea

  • house special starter chicken tikka,lamb tikka,onion bhaji,samosa £4.95
  • special malai tikka £3.95
  • chicken tikka (starter) £3.50
  • lamb tikka (starter) £3.50
  • tandoori chicken £3.50
  • tandoori king prawn £5.25
  • seekh kebab (starter) £3.95
  • shami kebab £3.95
  • reshmi kebab £3.95
  • mixed kebab chicken, lamb and kebab £4.25
  • prawn puri £3.50
  • prawn cocktail £3.50
  • king prawn puri £4.95
  • king prawn butterfly £4.50
  • vegetable pakora £2.95
  • chicken pakora £2.95
  • onion bhaji £2.35
  • aloo chaat £2.95
  • chicken chaat £2.95
  • samosa meat £2.95
  • chicken £2.95
  • vegetable £2.95
  • fish £2.95
  • fish tikka salmon £3.50
  • special kebab puri two pieces of seekh kebab with kebab roll and puri £4.50
  • murgh cutlet chicken breast in a special batter with roasted spices £3.25
  • pimento chicken long green pepper topped with finely chopped chicken and coriander £3.95
  • potato patties £3.25
  • stir fried chicken £3.95
  • chicken tikka (main) spicy chicken marinated in herbs and spices £6.50
  • lamb tikka (main) spicy lamb marinated in herbs and spices £6.50
  • special tandoori malai tikka £6.95
  • chicken shashlik chicken pieces marinated in onions, tomatoes and green peppers £7.50
  • lamb shashlik lamb pieces marinated in onions, tomatoes and green peppers £7.50
  • tandoori mixed grill chicken tikka, lamb tikka, seekh kebab and tandoori chicken £8.95
  • half tandoori chicken spring chicken marinated in a spicy sauce £6.50
  • full tandoori chicken £11.95
  • tandoori king prawn shashlik £13.50
  • seekh kebab (main) spiced minced lamb skewered and cooked over charcoal £8.50
  • paneer shashlik £7.95
  • tandoori king prawn (main) £12.50
  • balti: served with rice or naan, medium hot, cooked with onions, tomatoes, green peppers and spices herbs chicken tikka balti £7.50
  • lamb tikka balti £7.50
  • prawn balti £7.95
  • king prawn balti £10.95
  • tandoori king prawn balti £11.95
  • curry garden special mixed korai balti prawn, tikka, lamb £8.95
  • chicken tikka dhansak balti £7.95
  • lamb tikka dhansak balti £7.95
  • chicken tikka jalfrezi balti £7.95
  • lamb tikka jalfrezi balti £7.95
  • curry garden special mixed balti £8.50
  • all biryani dishes are prepared with pilau rice, garnished with spices and herbs, served with a western style vegetable curry chicken biryani £7.50
  • lamb biryani £7.50
  • chicken tikka biryani £7.95
  • chicken akni biryani topped with sliced egg and pieces of tandoori chicken £10.50
  • lamb akni biryani topped with sliced egg and pieces of tandoori chicken £10.50
  • lamb tikka biryani £7.95
  • prawn biryani £8.50
  • king prawn biryani £10.95
  • curry garden special biryani topped with egg £9.50
  • vegetable biryani £6.15
  • chicken tikka masala marinated overnight in special spice, then barbecued in the clay oven and finished in a masala sauce with coconut, topped with nut – mild £6.95
  • tandoori chicken masala off the bone £6.95
  • chicken tikka chilli masala prepared with special masala sauce, green chillies and herbs with an exotic flavour – fairly hot £6.95
  • chicken tikka jalfrezi with green chillies, chopped onions and pepper – fairly hot £6.95
  • chicken tikka rezala chicken marinated with medium spices, cooked in a special sauce – fairly hot £6.95
  • garlic chilli chicken tikka rezala £6.95
  • chicken tikka pasanda chicken marinated in selected spice and fresh cream – mild £6.95
  • chicken tikka makhani mildly spiced, cooked in ground nuts with pure butter and cream £6.95
  • chicken korma cooked with fresh cream and coconut – very mild £5.95
  • chicken tikka korma £6.50
  • chicken curry lightly spiced – medium £4.95
  • chicken tikka curry £6.50
  • chicken madras fairly hot £5.95
  • chicken tikka madras £6.50
  • chicken vindaloo very hot £5.95
  • chicken tikka vindaloo £6.50
  • chicken pathia with coconut powder and onion – hot and sour £6.95
  • chicken tikka pathia £6.95
  • chicken ceylon a good amount of black pepper, coconut cream and a touch of lemon – hot £5.95
  • chicken tikka ceylon £6.50
  • chicken dhansak made with lentils – hot, sweet and sour £6.95
  • chicken tikka dhansak £6.95
  • chicken bhuna £5.95
  • chicken tikka bhuna £6.95
  • chicken dopiaza a rich flavoured curry garnished with fried onions and a variety of good spices £5.95
  • chicken tikka dopiaza £6.95
  • chicken rogan fairly spiced with green herbs and garnished with tomatoes £5.95
  • chicken tikka rogan £6.95
  • chicken saag cooked with spinach and garlic, lightly spiced £5.95
  • chicken tikka saag £6.50

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Curry Garden in Pitsea Telephone Number

Unfortunately we do not hold the telephone number for Curry Garden, please use the “view menu” button at the top of this page to order online instead.