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El Toro Address

45-47 Princes Avenue, Hull HU5 3RX

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El Toro Reviews

This restaurant currently has a score of 4.7 based on 11 ratings.

Opening Hours

The opening hours we hold for El Toro are 16:00 – 22:00 today. But please check by viewing the menu where you’ll get an accurate opening time.

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Sample Menu for El Toro in Hull

  • pan de barra basket of warm bread £1.95
  • acetunas mixtas home marinated andalucian mixed olives £2.25
  • pan y ali oil warm bread with garlic mayonnaise £2.95
  • pan y bravas warm bread & spicy hot homemade bravas sauce £2.95
  • pan calientey acetunas alinadas warm bread and marinated mixed olives £3.95
  • pan de ajo spanish garlic bread £3.25
  • pan de ajo con queso spanish garlic bread with melted cheese on top £3.50
  • pan a la catalana spanish garlic bread topped with tomato, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and pesto £3.25
  • pan con salsa de setas spanish garlic bread with mushroom sauce £3.95
  • pimentos del padran spanish padron peppers, fried in extra virgin oil can be mild or hot mild £4.95
  • hot £4.95
  • tuercas de la mezcla salteados dry roasted and salted mixed spanish nuts £3.95
  • patatas fritas (gf) homemade chips with rock salt £3.25
  • patatas bravas (gf) deep fried potato cubes topped with a spicy hot tomato sauce £4.25
  • patatas con alioli deep fried potatoes topped with a tasty spanish garlic mayonnaise £4.25
  • patatas con cabralles deep fried potato cubes served with spanish blue cheese and cream sauce £4.95
  • patatas con manchego deep fried potato cubes served with spicy tomato sauce and grated manchego cheese £4.50
  • albondigas okra y setas vegetable meatballs in red wine sauce £4.95
  • tortilla espanola traditional (gf) traditional spanish omelette made with eggs potatoes and onion £4.50
  • pimiento del piquilo rellenos de cuscus spanish piquillo pepper stuffed with cous cous vegetables and sultanas, served with curry sauce £6.95
  • championes al ajillo (gf) sauteed mushroom with olive oil, garlic and chilli £4.95
  • croquetas de manchego (gf) hand crumbed and deep fried creamy manchego cheese served with alioli £4.95
  • arroz eespanola spanish rice fried with garlic and parsley £3.25
  • brochetta de verduras (gf) mixed vegetable skewers fried and served with pestoand sea salt £6.95
  • alcahofas con higos fried artichokes filled with dry figs, goat cheese on the top with apple and red onion sauces £6.95
  • pinchos halloumi a la plancha grilled skewers in home made marinade £6.25
  • albondigas spanish meat balls (beef and chicken) in spicy tomato sauce £4.95
  • albondigas a la mancha spanish meat balls (beef and chicken) in spicy tomato sauce served with fried potatoes and fried egg £6.95
  • chorizo con vino tinto spicy spanish chorizo cooked with red wine £6.50
  • char grilled charizo cured charizo char grilled, served with salad and alioli £6.25
  • chorizo frito spicy spanish chorizo cooked in its own fat and juices £6.25
  • alitas de pollo marinated and fried chicken wings served with homemade salsa sauce £5.50
  • costillas de cerdo pork ribs cooked for very long time with peppers, onion, garlic, paprika and spices £6.95
  • brochetta de pollo (gf) chicken skewers marinated in paparika, garlic, parsley and extra virgin olive oil, grilled and served with homemade salsa sauce £5.50
  • brochetta de cordero (gf) lamb skewers marinated in red wine, grilled and pan fried with min and honey sauce £5.95
  • pollo al ajillo (gf) chicken breast cooked with garlic, chilli, parsley and white wine £5.50
  • croquetas de pollo creamy chicken breast hand crumbed then deep fried and served with alioli £4.50
  • tortilla con chorizo traditional spanish omelette with chorizo and potato £5.50
  • carne el toro con arroz slow cooked beef in red wine with spanish rice £6.95
  • piquillo rellenos spanish peppers stuffed with chicken mushrooms and vegetables with mushroom sauce £6.95
  • caldereta de crodero tapa tender pieces of lamb cooked slowly with spanish spices, served with potatoes £6.95
  • paella tapa mixta small paella cooked with spanish rice, chorizo and chicken £4.50
  • championes con morcilla baked flat mushroom with black pudding onion, garlic,spinach and goat cheese £6.95
  • costillas espanolas traditional spanish grilled lamb chops mainated in spanish spices served with slow cooked fragrant spanish rice £7.95
  • medallon de ternera popular with meat lovers, grilled beef medallion, marinated in spanish spices, served with grilled vegetable & homemade sauce £7.95
  • pastel de carne traditional spanish meat loaf oven cooked and pan fried £7.95
  • pollo relleno con queso datiles y espinaca oven cooked chicken breast filled with cheese,dates and spinach,served with a mushroom and cheese sauce £7.95
  • pescado madrid fillet of white fish,marinated in spanish spices sprinkled with rock salt and served with ali oil sauce £4.95
  • calamares alcanti deep fried crispy squid marinated in spanish spices, sprinkled with rock salt and paprika served with home made harissa and lemon garlic mayonnaise £5.95
  • montaditos de gamba prawns cooked in cream, parsley, garlic & chilli on toasted bread £5.95
  • gambas en salsa de coco peeled, pan fried king prawns with mushroom,leek onion and garlic, with home made exotic coconut sauce £7.95
  • gambas pilpil (gf) peeled king prawns in chilli, garlic, parsley and extra virgin olive oil £6.95
  • gambas gabardina san miguel battered peeled king prawns, deep fried and served with alioli and lemon £6.95
  • pescado a la marinera popular coastal spanish dish with white fish prawns,mussels and octopus cooked with white wine,brandy,garlic chilli and parsley £7.95
  • gambas el toro peeled pan fried king prawn in chilli,garlic,parsley,extra virgin olive oil and spanish brandy £7.95
  • brocheta de gambas con salsa creamosa de cilantro grilled king prawns in home made spanish spicy marinade, served with creamy coriander sauce £7.95
  • calamares rellenos de mar y tierra baby stuffed with beef and chicken mince,served with seafood sauce £7.95

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El Toro in Hull Telephone Number

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