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Huis Belgian Beer Address

62 Elm Grove, Portsmouth, PO51JG

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Sample Menu for Portsmouth

Most popular

Troubadour Westkust 9.20% (330ml) Pleasant bitterness, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, roasted malt £5.20 Sauvignon Blanc, Millberg Cellars 13.50% Franschhoek, South Africa 2015. Dry. A wonderfully fresh bouquet with ample fruit on the palate. And fresh racy acidity on the finish £16.00 Rioja Tinto, Hacienda LÌ_pez de Haro 13.50% Medium bodied. A mature and mellow Rioja with cherry red fruits and an oaky bouquet. Soft and well balanced. £18.00

Blonde Bottles

Goedendag 8.00% (330ml) Spicy dry finish, raisins, banana, smooth £4.80 Watou Triple 7.50% (330ml) Dry finish, plums, raisins, underlying caramel £4.80 St Feuillien Grand Cru 9.50% (330ml) Fruity bitterness, fruity fresh, toasted malt and honey £5.40 Grimbergen Blonde 6.70% (330ml) Ripe yellow fruits, plum, spice, clove £4.80 Straffe Hendrik Wild 9.00% (330ml) Refreshing bitterness, fruity, sophisticated tart £5.50 De Dolle Arabier 8.00% (330ml) Hazy, tropical fruit, sharp yeasts, dry hopped £4.90 Brugse Zot Blonde 6.00% (330ml) Hoppy finish, banana, plum, residual sweetness £4.70 Averbode 7.50% (330ml) Dry piney hopping, floral, apples,malty sweetness £4.90 Hopus 8.30% (330ml) Hazy, strong, dry finish, fruity, spicy, floral £5.20 Delirium Tremens 8.50% (330ml) Lasting dry finish, fruity undertones, slightly sweet £4.90 Duvel 8.50% (330ml) Dry finish, fruity pear and apple £4.85 BarBar Honey 8.00% (330ml) Honey, caramel, balanced malts, honey sweetness £4.90 Maredsous 10 10.00% (330ml) Balanced hoppy finish, apple, fruity, residual sweetness £5.20 Witkap Pater Stimulo 6.00% (330ml) Hazy, light lemony finish, banana, berries £4.70 Saison Dupont 6.50% (330ml) Hazy, bitter finish, refreshing, spicy, slightly tart £4.80 La Chouffe 8.00% (330ml) Crisp finish, spices, peaches, citrus, malty sweetness £4.90 Tripel Karmeliet 8.40% (330ml) Gentle dry finish, vanilla, cinnamon, honey sweetness £4.90 Westmalle Tripel (Trappist) 9.50% (330ml) Long dry finish, fruity, citrusy, creamy £5.20 XX Bitter 6.20% (330ml) Hazy, extra bitter, underlying pilsner malts £4.90

Amber Bottles

Piraat 10.50% (330ml) Balanced finish, caramel, dried fruits, residual sweetness £5.40 Orval (Trappist) 6.20% (330ml) Herbally bitter finish, candied sugar, orange aftertaste, herbal spicy, strong malts £4.80 De Koninck 5.20% (330ml) Soft finish, fragrantly spicy, caramel sweetness £4.70

Dark Bottles

Affligem Dubbel 6.80% (300ml) Spicy, fruity aroma, dark malts £4.80 Achel Tripel Brun 8.00% (330ml) Brown sugar, treacle, dried dark fruits, caramel £4.90 Gulden Draak 10.50% (330ml) Sweet caramel malt, peach, biscuit, darker bread malts £5.50 Delirium Nocturnum 8.50% (330ml) Moderately bitter, liquorice, coriander, caramel, chocolate £4.90 Troubadour Westkust 9.20% (330ml) Pleasant bitterness, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, roasted malt £5.20 St Bernardus Abt 12 10.00% (330ml) Dry finish, figs, plums, raisins, residual sweetness £5.20 Brugse Zot Dubbel 7.50% (330ml) Bitter chocolate finish, dark fruits, malty sweetness £4.90 Hercule Stout 9.00% (330ml) Bitter chocolate finish, coffee, malty sweetness £5.20 Chimay Blue (Trappist) 9.00% (330ml) Slightly dry finish, rosey, malty sweetness £4.95 Rochefort 10 (Trappist) 11.30% (330ml) Dry finish, raisins, cherry, figs, caramelly £5.90 BarBar Bok Honey 8.50% (330ml) Subtle finish, fruity, honey, roasty, caramel, sweetness £5.20 McChouffe 8.00% (330ml) Soft finish, spicy, stouty, fruity, roasted caramel £5.10 De Dolle Oerbier 9.00% (330ml) Dry green finish, winey, fruity, slight tartiness £5.10 Gouden Carolus Classic 8.50% (330ml) Bitter finish, spicy toffee, slightly sweet £4.90 Troubadour Obscura 8.20% (330ml) Pleasant bitterness, coffee, stouty, little sweetness £4.90

White Bottles

St Bernardus Wit 5.50% (330ml) Wheat, herbal spicy finish, coriander, orange, honey £4.60 Hoegaarden Grand Cru 8.50% (330ml) Wheat, balanced bitter finish, coriander, spicy, sweetness £5.25

Sour Bottles

Vichtenaar (Red) 5.10% (330ml) Dark red, tannins, initial sweetness, natural acidity £4.50 Duchess de Bourgogne (Red) 6.20% (330ml) Red, mix of aged beers, oak, fruity, wine finish £4.95 Lindemans Faro (Candy Sugar) (Gueuze) 4.00% (250ml) Fruity, cidery, candied sweetness, natural tartiness £3.95 Boon Mariage Parfait (Gueuze) 8.00% (375ml) Cidery, winey, underlying malts, natural tartiness £5.95

  • All dishes may contain traces of the following allergens: Wheat; Gluten; Peanuts; Nuts; Sesame Seeds; Celery; Soybeans; Milk; Eggs; Mustard; Lupin; Pork; Mollusc; Crustaceans; Fish; Sulphur Dioxide or Alcohol. Please note that if you are pregnant you may need to take caution when consuming any of the above dishes. For any questions regarding the allergen contents of specific dishes please contact the restaurant directly.
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