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LEON – Breakfast – Hammersmith Address

27, Broadway Shopping Centre West, Hammersmith Broadway, London, W69YD

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Sample Menu for LEON – Breakfast London

Good Morning Muffins

Sausage & Egg Muffin British Cumberland sausage and home-made tomato ketchup, served in a toasted soft muffin with a free range egg £4.15 Mushroom & Egg Muffin Roasted Portobello mushrooms, a free range egg, spinach & Leon-made ketchup. V-egg-ie £4.15 Bacon & Egg Muffin Bacon, egg, spinach & leon-made ketchup on a lightly toasted, soft muffin £4.15 Salmon & Egg Muffin Smoked Salmon, egg, spinach & dill yoghurt on a lightly toasted, soft muffin £4.15

Magic Porridge Pots

The Ruby Berry Porridge (vg) (df) Dairy-free porridge made with cashew milk & organic oats. Topped with strawberry, blackcurrant & raspberry compote and almond butter. ItÛªs almond butter jelly time £3.00 Porridge with Blueberries, Honey & Toasted Seeds Organic oat porridge with blueberries, toasted seeds and raw, organic honey. Also enjoyed dairy free, with cashew milk £2.75 Porridge with Banana & Cinnamon Organic oat porridge with banana & cinnamon. Naturally sweetened with dates. Also enjoyed dairy-free, with cashew milk £2.75 Porridge of the Gods Organic oat porridge with banana, Montezuma 68.7% chocolate flakes and raw, organic honey. Also enjoyed dairy free, with cashew milk £2.75

Lighter Mornings

Greek Yoghurt Pot with Blueberries, Honey & Pomegranate Greek style yoghurt with blueberries, pomegranate seeds and raw, organic honey. Morning magic £2.15 Yoghurt with Bananas and Cinnamon Greek style yoghurt with banana and cinnamon. Naturally sweetened with dates £2.15 The Ruby Berry Yoghurt Greek style yoghurt topped with strawberry, blackcurrant & raspberry compote and almond butter. ItÛªs almond butter jelly time £2.40 The LEON Power Smoothie Organic oats, milk, yoghurt and our new Ruby Berry compote blended for breakfast. Feel power-full £3.25

Cakes and Snacks

Paleon Bar (gf) Power Up with slow-burning energy. Cranberries, Hazelnuts, Roasted Pistachios & Dates £2.75 Pistachio & Sweet Potato Fonut No tricks, just treats. Our seasonal baked donut made with spiced sweet potato and topped with a pistachio crumb £2.75 Pecan Tart A sweet and sticky pecan pie, all tarted up £2.75 Better Brownie (gf) Proof that you can have your cake and eat it, a low GL pleasure made with dark chocolate (70% cocoa), ground, a few chopped walnuts and a bit of orange oil £2.20 Lemon Ginger Crunch (gf) A soft mix of ground almonds and fresh lemon juice on a gingery biscuit base £2.20 Nuts, Berries & Cherries A simple tart mix of cherries, strawberries and cranberries with creamy raw cashews £2.00 Vegan Billionaire’s Shortbread (vg) A vegan treat. A date and polenta shortbread base topped with our date caramel and dark chocolate. Surprisingly, not too rich £1.75 Organic Mango A sweet snack to savour without any added sugar, preservatives or artificial flavours £1.65 Fava Beans Roasted fava beans lightly sprinkled with sea salt. These are our fava-rite £1.30 Cinnamon Popped Corn Popped corn, tumbled in a blend of cinnamon and unrefined brown cane sugar £1.05 Sea Salt & Brown Sugar Popped Corn Popped corn, tumbled in unrefined brown cane sugar and a little sea salt £1.05 Paprika Puffs An old school classic, all grown up with real herbs and spices. Gone in a puff £1.05 Rosemary Rings WeÛªve jumped through hoops to make these taste good and do you good. Made with a touch of rosemary and olive oil £1.05


Clean Green Shake Our new Clean Green recipe. Avocado, Spinach & Apples. Boosted with Ginger and Lemon Juice. Blended to mend you, with Pear juice £3.25 Blueberry & Elderflower Kefir This bold blueberry & elderflower kefir shake is fermented, so itÛªs full of good bacteria and super good for your gut. ItÛªs got no added sugar, because youÛªre sweet enough already £3.25 Carrot, Apple & Ginger Juice Cold pressed raw carrots with apple, ginger and turmeric. Blended to mend you with anti-inflammatory goodness £3.25 Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice With all the juicy bits £2.20 Leon-Made Lemonade Made from freshly squeezed lemons £2.20 Lemon, Lime and Ginger Quencher Made from fresh lemon & lime juice and a touch of ginger for a little extra kick £2.55 Belu Still Water £1.80 Belu Sparkling Water £1.80 Orange & Mango Sparkly OÛªJoy A fizzy can of orange and mango. Full of joy £1.80 Sparkly Applezap A can of gently sparkling apple. Appley ever after £1.80 Coke £1.80 Diet Coke £1.80

  • All dishes may contain traces of the following allergens: Wheat; Gluten; Peanuts; Nuts; Sesame Seeds; Celery; Soybeans; Milk; Eggs; Mustard; Lupin; Pork; Mollusc; Crustaceans; Fish; Sulphur Dioxide or Alcohol. Please note that if you are pregnant you may need to take caution when consuming any of the above dishes. For any questions regarding the allergen contents of specific dishes please contact the restaurant directly.
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