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Sombrero Address

2-6 Dalry Road, Edinburgh EH11 2BG

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Sombrero Reviews

This restaurant currently has a score of 4.3 based on 29 ratings.

Opening Hours

The opening hours we hold for Sombrero are 12:00 – 17:00 (Collection only) today. But please check by viewing the menu where you’ll get an accurate opening time.

Special Offers

Sombrero shows as having the following special offers available on Hungry House currently.

Sample Menu for Sombrero in Edinburgh

  • burritos large 12″ tortilla, filled with lime and cilantro rice, pinto beans, black beans or flash fried fajita vegetable – choice of your filling and your salsa and cheese, sour cream and extras £5.95
  • burger mexican style burgers, burgers are served with choice of toppings, all burgers are served with on a brioche bun and burger also can be toasted £3.45
  • quesadillas large 12″ tortilla folded toasted with your choice of filling and plenty of cheese, served with your choice of salsa and sour cream on the side also extra of guacamole or jalapenos £5.95
  • tacos 3 soft shell 6″ flour tortillas filled of 3 sane or different fillings, choice of your salsa, cheese, sour cream, lettuce and extra of guacamole or jalapenos £5.95
  • nachos made corn tortilla chips with cheese sauce, choice of your fillings, choice of your salsa sour cream and of guacamole or jalapenos £5.95
  • tortila chips £1.45
  • chips £1.45
  • chips and cheese £2.45
  • salsa pot pico de gallo salsa £0.85
  • medium green £0.85
  • hot £0.85
  • sour cream pot £0.85
  • guacamole pot £0.95
  • jalapeno pot £0.65
  • can of soft drink 0.330 liter coca cola £0.90
  • diet coca cola £0.90
  • fanta £0.90
  • sprite £0.90
  • irn bru £0.90
  • 500ml bottle of soft drink coca cola £1.20
  • diet coca cola £1.20
  • fanta £1.20
  • sprite £1.20
  • irn bru £1.20
  • 2 liter bottle of soft drink coca cola £2.50
  • diet coca cola £2.50
  • fanta £2.50
  • sprite £2.50
  • irn bru £2.50
  • 0.5ltr bottle of fruit juice orange £1.50
  • apple £1.50
  • mango £1.50
  • tropical £1.50
  • carrot and orange £1.50
  • 0.5ltr bottle of water £0.80

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Sombrero in Edinburgh Telephone Number

Unfortunately we do not hold the telephone number for Sombrero, please use the “view menu” button at the top of this page to order online instead.