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The Invincible – Fratton Address

6 Wickham St, Portsmouth, PO13EF

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Sample Menu for Portsmouth

Little Eats

Mudlark Soup French Onion Soup with a crusty baguette – £2.50 Plate O Scabs Locally caught winkles with lemon – £3.95 Taffy Virgin Welsh Rarebit – £2.95 Cheesy Hammy Eggy Croque Monsieur – £3.25

Banjos & Sarnies

Roast Rump of Beef, Watercress, Horseradish – £3.95 Chicken, Chorizo, Mozzarella – £3.50 Dry Cured Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo – £3.50 Mature Cheddar, Home Cooked Gammon, Real Ale Chutney – £3.50 Herb Crumbed Cod Fish Fingers, Tartar Sauce – £3.95 Roast Pepper, Goats Cheese, Walnut, Rocket – £2.95 Hand Cut Chips – £1.50 Side Salad – £1.50


Tatties – Boiled Potatoes – £1.50 Tatties – Mash – £1.50 Tatties – Chips – £1.50 Pompey Fritters Slices of potatoes battered and then fried – £1.50 Bonsai Trees Pan Fried Broccoli – £1.60 French Lifebuoys Beer Battered Onion Rings – £1.80 Yank Salad Homemade coleslaw – £1.50 Plate Filler Side Salad – £1.50

Nutty and Duff

Chinese Wedding Cake Rice Pudding with jam – £2.50 Plum Duff with Albino Gravy Plum Pudding with custard – £3.00 Sinking Rafts With Eskimo Gravy Bread & Butter Pudding served with ice cream – £ – £3.50 Stokers Sponge and Gravy Chocolate Pudding with chocolate sauce – £3.95 Nelsons Duff Spotted Dick served with custard – £3.50

Big Eats

Cotters _ÑÉn Chips (Fish & Chips) Locally sourced homemade Beer battered fish with hand cut chips and mushy peas – £3.95 Action Man Pillows (Ravioli) – Ricotta Served with a homemade tomato, basil & garlic sauce & crusty roll – £3.95 Action Man Pillows (Ravioli) – Fontina & Spinach Served with a homemade tomato, basil & garlic sauce & crusty roll – £3.95 Action Man Pillows (Ravioli) – Mushroom & Truffle Filled Pasta Served with a homemade tomato, basil & garlic sauce & crusty roll – £3.95 Snorkers in Fog (Sausage and Mash) Locally sourced Hampshire sausages, with homemade mash potatoes, mint & garlic peasand homemade Pussers gravy – £3.95 Snake and Pygmy Duff (Steak and Kidney Pudding) Locally made Steak & Kidney suet pudding, served with pan fried broccoli & homemade Pussers gravy – £3.95 Oggie n Chips with Matelot Sauce (Pastie n chips) A traditionally made in Pompey Pastie, using an old Cornish recipe, served with hand cut chips,mint & garlic peas and a pot of Curry Ketchup – £3.95 Pussers Pot Mess (Homemade Beef Stew) A traditional Navy stew that was made using cuts of beef, potatoes, vegetables and stock, with a tot of Pussers Rum for good measure, served with a crusty roll – £3.95 Elmer Fudds Sandwich (Homemade Burger) with Onion Rings A homemade 7oz beef burger, served in a Brioche bun, topped with salad, tomatoes & gherkins – £3.95 Elmer Fudds Sandwich (Homemade Burger) with Hand Cut Chips & Slaw A homemade 7oz beef burger, served in a Brioche bun, topped with salad, tomatoes & gherkins – £3.95 Oggin Dwellers Pie (Fish Pie) Homemade Fish Pie, made using fish from Pompey fish market, served with pan fried broccoli – £3.95

  • All dishes may contain traces of the following allergens: Wheat; Gluten; Peanuts; Nuts; Sesame Seeds; Celery; Soybeans; Milk; Eggs; Mustard; Lupin; Pork; Mollusc; Crustaceans; Fish; Sulphur Dioxide or Alcohol. Please note that if you are pregnant you may need to take caution when consuming any of the above dishes. For any questions regarding the allergen contents of specific dishes please contact the restaurant directly.
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    The Invincible – Fratton Portsmouth Telephone Number

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