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 ó Š_ ó_ Š‰ óΠó_  / Š‰ óΠó_ ¾ © ŠÐ Chicken Curry Soba/Udon – £8.70 _Ž‘__ô_ Oyako Don Pieces of chicken, served with soft-cooked egg, onion, spring onion and in large Donburi-bowl of rice – £7.30 _ Š_ Š_ óó ó_ ÑÑNigiri Set Assorted all kinds of Nigiris in ZEN Washoku (1piece each). – £14.10  ó Š_ ó_€_†_ ‘_‘_Ð Chicken Teriyaki Bento Bento meal: includes chicken teriyaki, salad, 2 pieces of pickled radish, piece of omelette (Atsuyaki Tamago), crabstick, cucumber, some shredded Inari (pickled bean curd), and seaweed soup (or miso soup). – £9.40  Šµ ó_ ó¢ ó_€_†_ ‘_‘_Ð Salmon Teriyaki Bento Bento meal: includes salmon teriyaki, salad, 2 pieces of pickled radish, piece of omelette (Atsuyaki Tamago), crabstick, cucumber, some shredded Inari (pickled bean curd), and seaweed soup (or miso soup). – £10.10


_µˆÑ«__«__‰«__ Boiled Prawn (2 pcs) – £3.00 ó__«__«__‰) Raw Squid (2 pcs) – £3.00  Šµ ó_ ó¢ ó_«__«__‰«__ Salmon (2 pcs) – £3.10 ÓÉ ŠŒ óЫ__«__‰«__ _Ñ¢ Sweet Prawn (2 pcs) – £4.00  ª Ð«__«__‰«__ Octopus (2 pcs) – £3.10  _ £ _«__«__‰«__ Hokkigai Clam(2 pcs) – £4.10  Ñ¾_Ë_«__«__‰«__ Vinegared Mackerel (2 pieces) – £3.20 __‘_«__«__‰«__ Omelette (v) (2 pcs) – £2.50 Œ_ˆ«__«__‰) Pickled Bean Curd (v) (2 pcs) – £3.00 ª_«__«__‰«__ Konjac Jelly (v) (2 pcs) – £2.30

‘_Ž‘ˆ_  ÑÑFUTOMAKI (Big Roll)

 Šµ ó_ ó¢ ó_ ó_ óŒ (3 ___) Boiled salmon with mayonnaise (3 pcs) – £4.50  ó頊ô Š óŽ Š¢ ó_ (4 ___) Cucumber, Japanese Radish, Shredded Inari (Bean Curd), Shredded Omelette, Avocado(v) (4 pcs) – £4.40

â‘ˆ_  ÑÑHOSOMAKI (Small Roll)

___‰‚‘ˆ_  «__«__‰«__ Cucumber Roll (v) (2 pcs) – £1.00  _____鑈_  «__«__‰«__ Pickled Radish Roll (v) (2 pcs) – £1.00  Š¢ óÒ Š‰ ó_‘ˆ_  «__3_‰«__ Avocado (v) (3 pcs) – £1.80 ª_ Ê _‘ˆ_ «__«__‰«__ Crab Stick Roll (2 pcs) – £1.20  Šµ ó_ ó¢ ó_‘ˆ_ «__«__‰«__ Salmon Roll (2 pcs) – £1.40

__Ž£‘ˆ_ __‰ URAMAKI (Inside Out)

 Šµ ó_ ó¢ ó_ ó_ ó_ Šµ Šâ (2_‰) Salmon with fish roe (2pcs) Sushi consisting of salmon in _ÑÒinside-out_ѝ rolls with a dusting of capelin roe. – £2.60  Š‰ óŽ óÇ Š© ó‰ óÊ Š¢ ó_ ó_ ó‰«__2_‰«__ California Roll (2pcs) Sushi consisting of avocado, cucumber and crab stick in _ÑÒinside-out_ѝ rolls with a dusting of roasted white sesame. – £1.70  Š óŽ ó_ ó_ ó_ ó_ ó‰«__2_‰«__ Green Roll «__2pcs«__(v) Sushi consisting of avocado and cucumber in _ÑÒinside-out_ѝ rolls with a dusting of finely chopped seaweed powder. – £1.60 ___‘Š ó_ ó_ ó_ Š Š_ ó_ ó_«__2_‰«__Carrot & baby corn «__2pcs«__(v) Sushi consisting of carrot and baby corn in_ÑÒinside-out_ѝ rolls with a dusting of red perilla. – £1.60  Šµ ó_ ó¢ ó_ ó_ Š¢ óÒ Š‰ ó_ ó_Òª_Š (6_‰) Salmon with avocado and fish roe (6pcs) Sushi consisting of salmon and avocado in _ÑÒinside-out_ѝ rolls with a dusting of capelin roe – £6.70

__ʑˆ_  TEMAKI (Hand Roll)

 Šµ ó_ ó¢ ó_ Salmon (chopped) – £3.60  Šµ ó_ ó¢ ó_«__ Š¢ óÒ Š‰ ó_ Salmon (chopped with Avocado) – £3.90  Šµ ó_ ó¢ ó_ ó_ óŒ Cooked salmon with mayonnaise – £4.00  Š‰ óŽ óÇ Š© ó‰ óÊ Š¢ California – £3.30 _µˆÑ Boiled Prawn – £3.50  ó頊ô Š óŽ Š¢ ó_ (v) Vegetarian – Lettuce, cucumber, Japanese Radish (Daikon), Avocado – £3.60

  Š_ ‹‘ˏ‘ô ÑÑCHIRASHIZUSHI (Scattered Sushi)

 Šµ ó_ ó¢ ó_ ÑÑSalmon (chopped) Scattered sushi topped with chopped salmon, spring onion and shredded seaweed. – £7.00  Šµ ó_ ó¢ ó_ ó_ óŒ ÑÑCooked Salmon with mayonnaise Scattered sushi topped with boiled salmon, chopped onion and shredded seaweed. – £7.00  ó頊ô Š óŽ Š¢ ó_ Vegetarian (v) Scattered sushi topped with shredded pickled bean curd (Inari) and shredded seaweed – £6.60

‘___‰__ Š_‘_ Š _ SASHIMI PLATTER

_¢€_ѐ_å_ Ñó__ Ñ ª Ð PLUM – Salmon, Squid, and Octopus (3pcs each – £9.80 É__ѐ_å_ Ñó__ Ñ _ £ _ ORCHID – Salmon, Squid, and Hokkigai Clam (3pcs each) – £10.90 ‰__ѐ_å_ Ñ ª Ð Ñ Ñ¾_Ë_ BAMBOO – Salmon, Octopus, and Vinegared Mackerel (3pcs each) – £9.80 __ѐ Ñ¾_Ë_ Ñ ª Ð Ñ _ £ _ CHRYSANTHEMUM – Vinegared Mackerel, Octopus, and Hokkigai Clam (3pcs each) – £10.90

_____ NOODLES

  / ¾ © ŠÐ Soba/Udon (in seaweed soup) – £7.50 ‘¥_‘éÔ  /‘¥_‘éÔ ¾ © ŠÐ Miso Soba/Udon – £7.50  Š‰ óΠó_  / Š‰ óΠó_ ¾ © ŠÐ Curry Soba/Udon – £7.80  ó Š_ ó_ Š‰ óΠó_  / Š‰ óΠó_ ¾ © ŠÐ Chicken Curry Soba/Udon – £8.70  _ ŠÊ  / _ ŠÊ ¾ © ŠÐ Zaru Soba/Udon (Served Cold) – £7.00

 __ Š_ ONIGIRI (Rice Ball)

 ó頊ô Š óŽ Š¢ ó_«__Ê‚Ò Œ_¢€ ‹ «__«__«_‘ÑÊ«__ Vegetarian (Radish leaves, Red Perilla, Japanese Plum) (2pcs)(v) – £3.00 _É_‘_Ž‘_«__«_‘ÑÊ) Mentaiko (dried pickled cod roe)(2pcs) – £3.40  Šµ ó_ ó¢ ó_ ó_ óŒ ÑÑ«__«_¥‘ÑÊ«__ Filling of chopped cooked salmon with onions (1 pc) – £3.40

 Š‰ óΠó_ Japanese Curry

_š_Ò Š‰ óΠó_ Vegetable Curry (v) – £6.70  ó Š_ ó_ Š‰ óΠó_ Chicken Curry – £7.60

  • All dishes may contain traces of the following allergens: Wheat; Gluten; Peanuts; Nuts; Sesame Seeds; Celery; Soybeans; Milk; Eggs; Mustard; Lupin; Pork; Mollusc; Crustaceans; Fish; Sulphur Dioxide or Alcohol. Please note that if you are pregnant you may need to take caution when consuming any of the above dishes. For any questions regarding the allergen contents of specific dishes please contact the restaurant directly.
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